How To: Update Your OnePlus 6T Without Losing Root — No Computer Needed

Update Your OnePlus 6T Without Losing Root — No Computer Needed

One of the biggest downsides to rooting is that it can be a pain to update every month with each new security patch. With other phones, you might have had to fully unroot the device, maybe flash a stock recovery, or potentially even flash all the factory images to get a new update. Thankfully, OnePlus has made this process super simple for us modders.

It used to be a little complicated during the older days of the rooting scene, but you can now easily update new devices, like your OnePlus 6T, while still maintaining root access. It's almost as simple as natively downloading and installing an OTA update on a stock device, but not entirely. I'll show you the few quick steps you need to take to update your OnePlus 6T without dealing with all the hoop jumping.


Step 1: Download the OTA Update

To begin updating your OnePlus 6T, you must first download the newest update file from the official OnePlus website onto your phone's internal storage. The file is rather large, so it might take up to ten minutes, depending on your network connection.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Magisk

It's critical that you have the latest Magisk installer ZIP located on your phone's internal storage so you can flash it after the update is applied. If you skip the Magisk flash before your next boot, you may get stuck in an endless bootloop after installing the OTA update. Magisk needs to be flashed to patch a few things up after the update so you can boot back into Android properly.

Step 3: Make Sure You Have TWRP

Just like Magisk, you should have the TWRP installer on your phone's internal storage for safekeeping. The reason for this is so you can permanently flash TWRP after applying the OTA update; otherwise, it will flash the stock recovery back to your system. If you forget to flash TWRP before you reboot, you'll have to temporarily boot into TWRP from Fastboot mode to flash it again.

Step 4: Reboot to TWRP

Once you have the latest OTA update for the OnePlus 6T, and you have both Magisk and TWRP installers on your internal storage, you'll need to reboot your phone into the TWRP recovery environment. If you have not done so already, enable Advanced reboot, then you can long-press the power button to select the "Recovery" option. Once you do that, your phone should immediately restart and begin booting to the TWRP main menu.

Step 5: Install the OTA Update

Now that you're on the main menu of TWRP, tap "Install," then locate the folder where you downloaded the three files from the previous steps. Tap the OTA update file first to add it to the install queue, then you want to initiate the "Swipe to confirm Flash" slider to begin installing the OTA update first.

The update contains the entire operating system and all core files for the Oxygen OS, so you can expect the install time to be a few minutes at the very least. It might seem frozen at times on the first step, but you have to be patient with it before it moves on to the second step.

Once the first file finishes installing, hit the back arrow to go back to the previous screen, then tap the installer file for TWRP and install this in the same manner as before. Once that one finishes up, repeat the same process for the Magisk installer as well.

Alternatively, you can add all three files to the download queue at once if you wanted to, but you may have to flash Magisk again before rebooting due to a strange bug in the batch process. You must make sure Magisk flashes properly, or your phone will likely not boot until you flash Magisk again.

After all three files are installed successfully, go ahead and tap the "Reboot System" button. From here, you should be good to go! Once it finishes the boot process, you should now be on the latest Oxygen OS update for your OnePlus 6T with full root access.

As a fun side note, the same install process works for the OnePlus Beta Builds as well. So you can test out all latest updates from the Beta versions of Oxygen OS while maintaining root access. Once you're done with testing those updates, you can flash the stable version right back over it using this same guide. Enjoy!

Cover image and screenshots by Stephen Perkins/Gadget Hacks

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Does this method wipe your data?

It's always a good idea to create a backup if it's your main device just as a precaution, but the method in this guide doesn't involve wiping data. So this makes it easy to update without worrying about any data loss. It works the same way as over the air system updates, just manually.

hi. thanks for this tutorial. last time I did the ota update with a rod op6t it endet with the warning screen on boot saying "your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted" in red letters bsd I had to press power button twice to boot.

before ota update it was a warning in orange letters and booting started automatically after a few seconds.

to get rid of the red warning I had to do a remote session with oneplus and to wipe the phone completely.

does your method avoid, getting the red warning?

and BTW... its there a way to get rid of the boot earning completely?

Using this method works great, I've done it a million times with each monthly update and beta builds on the 6T. If you get the red warning that means you need to do a complete data wipe or flash the factory image because something went wrong and some data was probably corrupted. It can sometimes happen when flashing files, so as usual, always keep a backup of your data handy.

The yellow warning that mentions the bootloader being unlocked is the only thing you should see if things are running perfectly when you reboot your phone. It's normal to see the message every time you reboot if your bootloader is unlocked, and there's no way to remove it. However, the red one is not good news. If anything, you should check out how you can recover it yourself if you wanted to learn more. The recovery tool is super helpful and will fix any number of issues on the 6T, like the corrupted red warning you had.

*my internal storage is not showing up in twrp what am i doing wrong?
im using twrp-3.2.3-xblusparkv9.91op6

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