News: OnePlus 5 Confirmed for Summer Launch, Will It Make Its Deadline?

OnePlus 5 Confirmed for Summer Launch, Will It Make Its Deadline?

In a series of news about the OnePlus 5, the company posted its first teaser of the upcoming device on its Weibo account. According to GSM Arena, the teaser doesn't show us any sneak peaks of what the phone might look like — co-founder Carl Pei took care of that — though, we are greeted with the caption "Hey Summer! Give me five!"

The Weibo image reads out "HELLO 5" with OnePlus's insignia in the upper left-hand corner. The post confirms that the upcoming flagship will indeed be called OnePlus 5. It also confirms a summer announcement date, but with OnePlus' track record for meeting deadlines, that could mean a launch date ranging anywhere from June 20 to September 22.

Gadget Hacks reached out to OnePlus to confirm the phone's deadline. A company rep could neither confirm nor deny a date for the phone, but did tell us to "stay tuned" on its social media pages for a more specific release date.

Earlier Monday, OnePlus confirmed the OnePlus 3T 128 GB in gunmetal would be discontinued. The company claimed it wanted to start focusing on its upcoming flagship.

In quick succession, the company has now confirmed the OnePlus 5's expected release date. Though, even this, we can't take to heart. OnePlus isn't exactly known for its timeliness.

Last year, the company said they would have its Nougat update out by the end of the year, but just barely got it out on Dec 31st. So, even though OnePlus may be confirming, or rather, hyping up a summer release, the company may just wait until the very end of summer to give us a taste of the upcoming flagship.

What do you think? Will OnePlus be able to keep its promise and have the upcoming flagship out before September 22? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover image via Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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