News: OnePlus 3T 128 GB May Be Discontinued

OnePlus 3T 128 GB May Be Discontinued

UPDATE: It was previously reported that the OnePlus 3T 128 GB in Gunmetal would be discontinued. GSM Arena received an official rebuttal from the company which noted that the phone is not discontinued, but rather, out of stock. Though, it seems like the company has more of a problem keeping track with what its reps report, rather than its phone supply.

We will continue providing OnePlus 3T 128GB Gunmetal to the market in the future. People who want to get the device will have to wait for next wave of inventory. Currently, for Gunmetal lovers, they can still purchase 64GB ones now at &

— OnePlus representative in a statement to GSM Arena

Apparently, OnePlus wants to concentrate on its newer models rather than continuing to stock the 128 GB variant of the OnePlus 3T in Gunmetal.

First noted on Tweakers, a Dutch tech blog, the 128 GB version in black was noted to be out of stock in most stores. After contacting a OnePlus customer service about it, a rep confirmed that they will no longer sell the gunmetal variant.

A OnePlus representative told Gadget Hacks that the discontinued phone will continue to receive updates. The company could no longer make the phone because OnePlus is a "small company" and would rather focus on just one flagship device. This leads us to speculate that the company is getting ready to focus on producing its next smartphone — the OnePlus 5.

The OnePlus 5 is the company's next device and looks to be right on track to land in your hands by the upcoming summer.

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Stay tuned for our OnePlus 5 rumor roundup as we continue to uncover more details from the upcoming OnePlus flagship.

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