Forum Thread: Everytime I Put My Headphones on It Opens a Music App

I want ti turn that off its really annoying because i dont even use that particular app to listen to music.
Please help me.

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Try going to Settings, then Sound & Notification. I could be wrong about the exact submenu here because I don't have a OnePlus One. But basically, look for the "Notification Access" menu, which is under the Sound & Notification menu on stock Android. From the Notification Access menu, find the app that keeps launching when you plug in your headphones, then untick the corresponding box.

If that doesn't help, go to Settings and then Apps. From here, swipe over to the "All" tab, then locate the app that is opening when you plug in your headphones. Select it, then press "Disable", "Turn Off", or "Uninstall". With the app disabled or uninstalled, it won't be able to launch the next time you plug your headphones in.

Beyond that, I would suggest looking around in the settings for the app that keeps launching when you plug in your headphones. The app may have an option to automatically launch when headphones are plugged in, so you could be able to turn this feature off from within the app.

In Settings->Sound there should be an option that says "launch music app on headphone connect". It may be in a different submenu if you are using a custom ROM, but in CM11S you will find it there.

whenever im plugging in my headset to phone the music player automatically plays and also the google listening also starts up .Kindly help me to resolve this problem


Just go to apps, select music player which starts automatically, go to permissions and DENY all permissions especially (access phone). If the music player does not have permission to access phone, it won't be able to play any music. And you can also disable notifications for the music player. You simply won't see it or hear any music. Problem solved! Enjoy!

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