Forum Thread: Linux Kali Nethunter on OPO Can't Get Mobile Data.

Hey WHT.

I just installed the Nethunter Rom, on OnePlus One and everything works fine. but when i'm outside af Wifi range, my Phone can't use the mobile data, so i can't use the browser and market ETC. I checked settings, and the mobile data was enabled! and i have rebooted the phone. after i checked/unchecked the mobile data option. so i have no idea how to fix this. Have any of you tryed something like this?

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I have never used that ROM myself, but since it is based off of Android 4.4.4 you may want to flash the modem file from the 44S build of CM11S which can be found here.

i tryed it. but it did not work i can make call and send messages but i can't use the mobile data ;(

Which ROM were you running prior to flashing this one?

i used cm12 but i used the Kali installed and it wiped my phone and it installed cm 11 with kali so now i am using cm11 with kali and i tryed the XNPH44S modem version

Did you downgrade your firmware prior to flashing?

idk i used the windows Kali Nethunter installer it wiped my phone and rooted it, and installed a bootloader

Same thing happened to me. After installing nethunter i had the same problem. The problem was solved by changing the APN under the Mobile netwrok settings(Settings -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> And find one that works for you. For me, I was using AT&T and the ATT Broadband worked for me. Good luck

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