Forum Thread: Oneplus One Totally Whipped, Only Bootloader Works

Hello. A friend of mine totally whipped the phone and only fastboot works and even that not so good. I Tried everything that I could find on the internet and nothing works. I can't push files on it I can't unlock the bootloader, nothing.

I hope someone can help me.


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Yea tried that. It doesn't work because I can't unlock bootloader with fastboot command.

After a long time researching stuff I realized that fastboot doesn't work. I can't unlock it and I can't flash files on it. What to do?

Have you tried updating your fastboot/adb files?

where on the phone or computer? how to do that?

ADB and fastboot files are located on your computer.

Yes I have the latest versions of that files. I have to try on linux maybe there will work better.

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