How To: Fix Touchscreen Issues on Your OnePlus One with These Quick & Easy Tips

Fix Touchscreen Issues on Your OnePlus One with These Quick & Easy Tips

While the OnePlus One is a great value, you could be plagued with a touchscreen issue or two. The most common problems come in the form of ghost touches and touches not registering with apps.

Often, these can be related to hardware or manufacturing issues, but adjusting a few settings can help or alleviate any problems you may be facing. And while OnePlus has addresses touchscreen problems through software updates, if you're still facing them, give these tips a shot.

Tip #1: Enable Wake-Up Setting

First up, you'll need to enable "Prevent accidental wake-up," which can be found in the "Display & lights" section in Settings. From there, simply toggle the option off, but stay on that screen for the next tip.

Tip #2: Disable Ambient Display

While you still lose functionality related to quick glance notifications, that may be a small price to pay for a fully-functional touchscreen. In the same "Display & lights" settings page as the first tip, set "Ambient display" to "Disabled."

Tip #3: Force GPU Rendering

For the third tip, you'll need to enable "Developer options" within your Settings menu. Once there, scroll down to the "Hardware accelerated rendering" section and enable "Force GPU rendering."

Did these steps alleviate the touchscreen bugs/problems on your OnePlus One? If you find a different fix, let us know in the comments below!

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