News: OnePlus 3T Isn't Much of an Upgrade, but It's Still a Solid Phone

OnePlus 3T Isn't Much of an Upgrade, but It's Still a Solid Phone

With the death of Google's Nexus line, the market for phones with top-notch specs at midrange prices is now wide open. OnePlus is apparently ready to fill this void, as they've just announced the OnePlus 3T, an iterative update to their OnePlus 3 flagship only five months after initial release.

If you've heard anything about the OnePlus 3, then you already know most of the story behind the OnePlus 3T. Aside from a new "Gunmetal" color option, the two devices look identical, and only a few key pieces of internal hardware have changed. So if you couldn't force yourself to sit through the cringe-worthy Facebook Live announcement, we did it for you and gathered all of the key specs.

OnePlus 3 vs. OnePlus 3T

Aside from a few spec bumps, the OnePlus 3T is the exact same phone as the OnePlus 3 from earlier this year. The only real differences between the two are that the 3T has a slightly bigger battery, a better front-facing camera, a newer Snapdragon processor, and an option for 128 GB storage (for the Gunmetal color only). But OnePlus plans on selling and updating both phones concurrently, so if you're in the market for a new phone, you'll need to choose one or the other.

Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

Really, there's only question you need to ask yourself regarding the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T: "Is it worth $40 extra for the marginal hardware upgrades?" That depends on how much you value $40, which is a 10% price jump after all.

If you ask me, I'd go with the OnePlus 3T. I view that forty-dollar bump as more of an investment in future-proofing, particularly with the newer processor. But at least we now have two solid options for getting top-of-the-line specs at a midrange price point.

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